Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Walking the Grove: Journal of a Sacred Encounter

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“Are you willing to spend a month with God?” Author Gail Condrick awoke one morning to this stark question reverberating in her mind.

Eventually, she would leave her sophisticated urban life in the Washington, D.C. area and return to the place she had always loved—her spiritual home: the Gulf coast of Florida. It was there that she began to answer the call.

In a series of journal entries, Gail shares her adventures and relates her insights, the gifts of her encounters with the local flora and fauna, the weather, as well as other humans on her daily walks through the mangrove forest near her home. With a raw honesty that is often laced with humor, this is a story of how the author came face to face with a deep spiritual yearning that had been beckoning her for years.

This book is an invitation—from Spirit, from nature—enticing you to answer the call that has been beseeching you, whatever that may be. If you will but be still and listen, nature will offer itself up to you, revealing its mysteries and marvels, giving you spiritual solace and guidance for whatever journey you have embarked upon.

Gail's words will cheer you on as you take your own first step into the wilds of your own Sacred Grove, wherever that may be.

Published by Purple Iris Press, LLC


Gail Condrick is a life-long lover of the ocean, which she considers her source of inner balance.

After starting out as a cable news reporter, she went on to spend more than 25 years leading a creative team that won hundreds of awards for government television programming excellence in the Washington, D.C. area. In 2007, Gail returned home to Florida to live near the Gulf of Mexico where she enjoys frequent dolphin sightings.

Gail is an archetypal consultant, as well as a frequent speaker and facilitator of workshops on spirituality, creativity and personal empowerment.

Walking the Grove: Journal of a Sacred Encounter is her first book. 

Author Gail Condrick

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